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Tanya is a new addition to the Resource One Organizational Support Team, joining us in August of 2022. She works hand in hand with our Strategists and Specialists and is part of the glue that holds everything together.

Robin Cole

IFN Coordinator

Ross Koenig


A recent addition to the Resource One team, Ross has always had a passion for helping others. As an IFN Coordinator and Control Option Strategist he’ll have ample opportunity to do just that. Previously in the financial services industry, Ross then switched gears and embarked on a 14-year career in…

Rebecca Acre

Organizational Support Specialist

A seasoned Resource One veteran, Rebecca has been with the company since June of 2007 and is a valued member of the Organizational Support Team. She has spent the last decade and a half keeping this well-oiled machine fully functional. As an Organizational Support staple, Rebecca works hand in hand…

Sharon Guy

Marketing and Client Relations

After Resource One helped Sharon shave three years off of her teaching career, she retired early and immediately joined the company in the Marketing and Client Relations department. With 30 years in the Mehlville School District as a Fifth and Third Grade teacher, Sharon fit right in at Resource One,…

Lori Biehle

Organizational Support Team

Lori joined Resource One in June 2005, which means she has been helping the company run smoothly for almost 20 years. As a Resource One Organizational Support Team member she is part of the glue that holds the Integrated Financial Network together. Prior to joining the team, Lori attended Missouri…

Davonna Lucas

Organizational Support Manager

Organizational Support Manager & IFN Coordinator Joining Resource One in December of 2014, Davonna is critical to the day-to-day operations for the company as the current Office Manager at the OSC, in addition to being a coordinator for the Control Option teams. In short, she is invaluable, running the staff…

Hayley Duncan

Organizational Support Team

Hayley joined Resource One in August of 2014 and has worn many hats since her arrival. She’s currently part of the Organizational Support Team, but has been invaluable in all of her roles within the company. Now mainly handling the internal details of Resource One and the IFN, Hayley keeps…

Aaron Biehle

IFN Coordinator

Educator Specialist Aaron has been in the fold at Resource One since 2007, helping educators and their families make the most of their retirement options. In fact, for the last five years he’s probably the first face clients see when they come in for their initial meeting. As a Pension…

Kyle Wilcutt

Kyle Wilcutt

IFN Coordinator
Allison Ortmann

Allison Ortmann

IFN Coordinator

IFN Coordinator A recent graduate of the University of Alabama, Allison has only been with Resource One since 2020, but immediately started making an impact as an Integrated Financial Network Client Coordinator. She assists the Pension Specialist with retirement numbers and notes, and a big part of her job is…

Jenny Dasher

Control Option® Strategist

Jenny joined Resource One in July of 2007. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a teacher and building administrator for 12 years in three different St. Louis County Public School Districts. She also coached Girls Soccer at Notre Dame High School in Lemay, Missouri. Jenny’s current role as a Control…

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