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Americans do have THE OPTION to CONTROL more of their Cash Flow and Wealth.


Individuals/Families could strive to receive a ROR on every dollar they earn.


Opportunities find
those people who have access to their money; Debt finds those people who do not.


It makes sense to be “well capitalized” as opposed to “under capitalized” before investing..

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The Control Option team was very helpful in navigating through the retirement process. They have also given us peace of mind that we are using our retirement savings in the most efficient way

Craig Modde


Craig Modde

We were referred to Ameritime years ago by other educators who had worked with Mark and his crew. Being teachers and parents, we were interested in investing our money early so we could retire responsibly. What we found is that not many companies were familiar with the public school retirement system.  After working with Mark Benson (a former educator knowledgeable about PSRS), we quickly learned how to invest and get access to our money at the same time with the privatized banking system. He taught us how to increase our cash flow and we are amazed at how successful our investments have become and how we are able to access our own money now instead of having to wait until we are of retirement age. Mark and his Control Option Team, especially Jenny Dasher, are easy to contact and respond to our concerns and needs immediately. We meet annually, if not more frequently, to analyze our investment plans and consider current needs and make changes when necessary. We have also worked seamlessly with Amy Schilly with Strategic Tax and Trina Wright with Fortune for our tax filing and refinancing needs. We wholeheartedly trust these companies and can’t be more happy with their partnership in supporting our retirement needs and control of our cash flow.

Mike and Dawn Janes

If you fail to plan, plan to fail. That is why we wholeheartedly recommend Resource One and Ameritime’s Control Option Team. Ameritime’s Control Option Team has helped us plan the outcome of our financial future in a way that allows us the freedom and education we need to understand and control where our money is going each month. The team also acts as a continual ally, consistently monitoring our journey and alerting us of any potential options that come available that would move us closer to our personal financial objectives.

The vast range of resources under one roof has helped us create financial organization. Whether we need advice regarding our home mortgage, managing our own privatized banking system, taxes, life insurance, investments, and estate planning, their educated team delivers. Ameritime has opened up our cash flow and has helped us to live our best lives now. Our working relationship with Ameritime has been painless, educational, and beyond rewarding.

Audrey and Nathan Norman

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Control Option Team at a very early stage in my life/career. I was at a point where I wanted to prepare for the future and have options but was not sure if I had enough wealth to begin doing so. Through Mark, Jenny, and the teams’ expert knowledge and unique skill sets, they were able to create a strategy that helped me build my Privatized Banking System. Without going into detail, I will leave that to the Control Option Team, the team has allowed me to gain control of my wealth, leverage additional cash flow, and educated me to look at my money from a totally different point of view. This has put me and my growing family in a position to live comfortably and at the same time prepares for generations to come.

The team has now been by my side for roughly 10 years and I could not be happier. Their guidance is invaluable and they have been there willing to answer my many questions along the way. They have not only helped me and my family but my parents and brother as well. The team has treated us like family and truly has our best interests at hand.

This sentiment extends to their network of professionals that have helped us manage our entire portfolio and made it extremely easy to navigate through unfamiliar territory that includes investments, taxes, mortgages, and educational financial needs. This entire network understands and leads back to us being successful with our Privatized Banking System.



Zac Jurkins

Since I began my career as an educator over forty years ago, I have relied on the advice and expertise of Mark Benson and the competent team he has developed. I have invested and initiated some tax strategies under the guidance of Robbie Schilly and Aaron Biehle. With those in place, I have recently built a Privatized Banking System which allows me to control more of my assets and cash flow. Communication with these advisors is enhanced even further due to the patience and attention to detail of Davonna Lucas. My concerns (no matter how big or small) are always answered in a timely manner. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Resource One.

Barbara Breer

“We have been working with Resource One for 15 years. Throughout that time we have found working with them a real pleasure. While financial management is a complex and somewhat intimidating process, they do an excellent job explaining everything and are willing to spend the time necessary to answer our questions. Having our own Privatized Banking System has provided us with the financial independence and security we need.”

Chris Lee Nicastro, Ph.D.

“Being young newlyweds, parents, and homeowners, we know that our investment choices now will impact us for the long haul. Having tens of thousands of dollars in a 401K seems like a great start to the average young person.
On the contrary, not being able to access that hard earned money for 40+ years, if it’s even still there by then, made it increasingly hard for us to stomach the large contributions we were making every paycheck, often with little or no employer match. We wanted to have access to our money now, so we can live life comfortably while our children and ourselves are still young enough to enjoy it!
After spending countless hours educating ourselves on the Control Option, we decided to trust the Ameritime team and invest our small livelihood in the concept of Privatized Banking. In just 2 years, our investments have allowed us to make huge life changes that we never imagined we could at this, or any age. We are saving more than an entire income each month and still never worry about money. It’s hard to remember what saving and spending looked like before our mindset was changed, and we don’t ever want to look back!”

Bill and Sarah Akridge

Engineer and current Assistant Professor at Jefferson College

The Integrated Financial Network has given us the ability to control more of our wealth and cash flow. The recommendations we have received from their team have been invaluable to us in making financial decisions. The privatized banking system has especially been helpful as well as the specially designed life insurance contract which allows us to make our mortgage payment using tax free dividends. Utilizing these and their other services has simplified our financial life.

Bob and Sharon Sink

Michael and I started with Ameritime in 2008 on the recommendation of a colleague from Jefferson College. Mark Benson and his team expertly helped us navigate the maize of retiring via the PSRS. Since then, they have provided us with solid investment options so that now we are confident that our financial future is in good hands. We appreciate working with the integrated financial network because we always know where to go for answers

Michael and Jane Sullivan

For over twenty-five years Susan and I have utilized the expertise of Mark Benson and Jenny Dasher to help us build a financial plan that meets our current and retirement goals. Mark’s insights and advice have been innovative and common sense. We are especially pleased with the scheduled reviews of our finances and Jenny’s ongoing communication. With the ups and downs of the economy they have continued to earn our trust.


Robert & Susan Taylor

May 2020

Mary and I have worked with the Ameritime Control Option Team since around 2000. We have grown with this company and couldn’t have been more satisfied. Mary and I have been involved with the total company approach and processes to providing us with information all the while we are the driver’s seat with decisions. Mark and his team provided us great service, good friendship and great strategies. We’ve participated in the Privatized Banking System, Medicare advice, Investments, Tax strategies and preparation, mortgages for over 4 homes and estate planning for our future and beyond. All in all, we have become better savers, spenders and financial planners for our future. Thanks to the Ameritime team for helping us build our wealth and optimize our cash flow to live the life we have been planning for all our lives. They are simply the best!


Tim & Mary Ricker

May 2020

THE CONTROL OPTION provides homeowners, like me, a solution to the problem of banks and government (tax shelter accounts) controlling our money. There are trillions of dollars sitting in banks, tax shelter accounts, and home mortgages…out of our reach and utilization. I want to CONTROL my money and use it when my family and I need it.



Sharon M. Guy

retired teacher and homeowner

When I spend money, I want to earn rewards. So, paying my mortgage (and health insurance) each month was frustrating to me because my payments were not earning me any incentives like points or cash back. With the help of my Control Option Specialist and financial team, the money I pay to fund my Specially Designed Life Insurance Contract (instead of sending it to the bank for the mortgage) rewards me with tax-free dividends and life insurance. I am then using the earned tax-free dividends to pay my monthly mortgage. This is ingenious! I am earning tax-free dividends on the money I was initially sending to my pay mortgage.”


Terri Wolk

retired Math teacher from Festus High School
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Our cause is to create generations of wealth and abundance by becoming the best in the world at bringing an Integrated Financial Network ® to individuals and families.

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Most (if not all) Financial Professionals & Benefit Providers bring "Complex" stuff to people, they don't mean to do this but they become "Complicators". With our Integrated Financial Network & Control Option Platform we feel positioned to "Simplify" the many complexities created by those other Financial Providers.

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